Banning tobacco ads for good

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There are plenty different ways to commit suicide. Some people decide to end up by intentionally killing themselves, while seconds are just being manipulated by others. And in this article by others are meant tobacco companies. Nowadays around half of the world’s population regularly smoke and therefore, tobacco kills almost 6 million people different ages every year. Banning of any advertising and sponsorship is one of the most efficient way to reduce tobacco consumption.

Its not a secret that today we buy goods and services relying on the advertisement that we see around: TV, newspapers, posters, magazine adverts and sponsorship, and, it concerns cigarettes too. Depending on what is being trendy worldwide, people subconsciously decide whether to start or stop smoking. Of course, cigarette companies are aware of that and use all methods possible to advertise their products. Most of such advertisements are focused on teenagers and young adults – potential customers, as the majority of smokers start their dependence before the age 20. These advertisements usually show us attractive women or self-confident men in a leading role, thus the advertiser tells us: “smoke our cigarettes and you will be as cool as this guy from our ad”. At the age of 12-18 everybody wants to feel mature and respected, that is why they cannot resist to aggressive advertising. This whole industry slowly kills the future generation.

Tobacco advertising also influences mentality of an adult. Being translated day by day on most TV channels, it stimulates sellings by reminding a smoker everyday to buy a new pack, and in time, a bad habit turns into a strong dependence. Scientists say that tobacco is comparable to any other drug addiction, which means that it can only be cured with a professional medical help of doctors. According to statistics a very small percentage of those, who decide to give up smoking, actually succeed. In practice, bans of advertising cigarette firms would make it virtually impossible to introduce new brands and ,therefore, help thousands and millions to give up smoking.

Advertisement can be direct and indirect, and, if direct tobacco ads are prohibited in many developed countries around the globe (Australia, New Zealand, France, Canada, etc) , indirect advertisings have a huge impact on people’s minds and are still not fully under the control of government. Everybody is certainly familiar with a hidden advertisement of cigarettes in films, for instance, Marlboro, Kent, Camel – these are the brightest examples among tobacco firms, that most frequently use indirect methods of advertising.

A great amount of money is spent annually on advertising tobacco: $700m a year in American media, and around $1 billion in Europe. Besides, smokers spend significant sums of money buying cigarettes. People should stop investing money into their own diseases.

First of all, people have to start taking care of their health, fight for banning tobacco advertising and stop allowing provocations from major tobacco companies. Together we can stop selling and buying suicide.


8 thoughts on “Banning tobacco ads for good

  1. I don’t wish this to come across rude but the whole blog is a mess grammatically wise. Is English a second language because that would explain a lot? I’m more than happy to help with a few things here or there but some of it is just messy language that you need to experience on your own to fix. I sincerely wish for you to succeed, because you have a great message.


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